Adventure Park

limba RomanaThe Adventure Park part of the Race consist of completing one adventure course. Competitors may choose between 3 courses, ranked from medium to difficult.

Competitors may enter the course they prefer, but they have to finish it without delays or penalties. They should be aware of potential congestions.

Only one Team member will compete in the Adventure Park and the other two members will compete in the Mountainbike part of the Race. The Adventure Park competitors will enter in the Park after the First Exchange (first mountainbike Team member arrive). Prior to this, competitors will be trained by professional Adventure Park trainers.

There are several penalties in Adventure Park:
– completely unclipping both cow’s tails from the safety system,
– step on a section before the competitor in front evacuates it,
– step on a platform with other 3 competitors,
– enter a course with other 8 competitors,
– using the equipment in an unproper manner,
– completing the course in an unsafe or incorrect way,
– blocking the way for other competitors,
– incapacity to complete the course.
The Adventure Park time do not count in the Final Time, but the Penalties may count by adding time at the Team Time.

Here you can find the map of the Park and more details about the courses.